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Tuesday, April 27, 2004


Smoke 'em if you got 'em - this blog is done.

However, I am currently setting up a new blog as part of the Oaks of Righteousness website. It's called Oak Pollination, and it will specifically be used as an update of the pursuit of the Oaks vision - daily events, interaction with church thought, and lots of prayer. I hope you will follow me over there...

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Birthday Beauty 

Here's a photo of the scene at the "Sunset Capital of Texas" last night, where we enjoyed the fresh air, breathtaking sunset and a double shot of togetherness. Happy Birthday, sungrown Bonita!

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Of Weeks (Holy and Otherwise) 

You were hanging out with some of your closest friends, one of whom you had recently returned to life. I was hanging out on the balcony of the Hilton with my brother-in-law and a producer of a new Mike Judge film starring Luke Wilson and Maya Rudolph.

You had your feet anointed with perfume and hair, as you set your face towards Jersusalem. I loaded boxes and fueled up On the Border.

You arrived in the capital city atop a donkey’s colt, greeted by frenzied Jews and the scent of waving palm leaves. I entered the capital in a UHaul, greeted by Bruce, Jonathon, Bob and Kristina and the smell of some budding shrubs that give me allergies.

You fiercely overturned the money tables in the temple. I delicately placed items on display in my apartment.

I spent hours and hours trying to get my new internet connection working so I could stay in contact with the outside world, only to find out that I had a “faulty wireless router.” You went straight to the chief priests and Pharisees and gave them the raw truth.

You washed your disciples’ feet. I tickled my son’s.

I moped around feeling pitiful over a sinus infection. You never uttered a complaint.

They pierced your side to make sure you were dead. I watched the Colorado Avalanche bury two goals to ensure the termination of my beloved Dallas Stars.

You defeated Death. I went with my wife to donate a plastic bag of stuff to Goodwill.

I left my home and went to an Easter service. You left your service and went Home.

You are alive!

I am on my way.

Saturday, April 10, 2004

And the Word became film and was distributed among us... 

I ended Lent in the same way that I began - Communion and a Jesus flick. The Communion was at the Homestead Community Church (isn't it redundant to say these words together?) at the Willis Family Life Center. A charming little nook of sacred space - small, but growing. We (Jolie and I) watched the first installment of The Gospel of John. About 10 minutes into the movie, I positively asserted, "I already like this movie more than Gibson's." "Not me," said my wife. "I like the Passion better."

I now realize that liking one more than the other is pretty silly. Where The Passion is painful, The Gospel of John is faithful. Where The Passion is a vivid Roman Catholic Mass, The Gospel of John is a fisherman telling an epic story. I found myself very much drawn to the Jesus portrayed in the Gospel of John - kind, yet not wimpy; spirited, but not nihilistic. This led me to a brain-chaser: do we not tend to take our own would-be versions of God and interpose them upon our wannabe versions of Jesus? In other words, we assume Jesus was like the God we want to like. John (the actual gospel as seen through the film) seems to be telling us just the opposite: we can only know what God is like by knowing what Jesus was like. As in Jesus' reply to disciple Philip's request "show us the Father." "Have you been with me so long and still you ask me to show you the Father? I am the Way, the Truth and the Life."

For my own part, I'd rather have "curious about Jesus" people view The Gospel of John rather than only seeing the shock and horror of the crucifixion without the context of the full narrative. Better yet, watch the Gospel of John up until the Garden of Gathsemene, then watch The Passion, then go back and finish up The Gospel of John!

Whatever you do, do it in memory of Him...

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

In the meantime... 

I've got a lot worth blogging about from a busy weekend. Hopefully, I'll have time before it gets too far away from me. The computer is still at my grandparents - and I'm working on a pretty technical project for ECN when I'm on it. To make up for my absence, enjoy 5 beautiful songs I am hearing regularly on local radio:

1. Big Log - Viktor Krauss with sister Alison. (you'll have to scroll down and find the link)
2. Come to Jesus - Mindy Smith
3. Love Throw A Line - Patti Griffin
4. Wishbones - Said Cleaves
5. Come With Me Tonight - Bob Schneider

Friday, April 02, 2004

We're Moving 

Yeah, this is the weekend we will move into an apartment. Check 'em out, if you want.

I'm looking for a fun part-time job as well.

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